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Google stadia Mobile Download apk for android, ios and PC gaming is the next generation wants to dominate gaming, but Google has some important obstacles to overcome it. The biggest of them is playing on its platform. Google showed a new title, Doom is running on eternal, Stadia, and he promised that more than 100 game studios already have dev kits. Google also unveiled its own Stadia Games and Entertainment Studio to create the Stadia Exclusive Titles, but no description was given to what game it would create. Google is using Linux as the operating system that powers its hardware on the server. This means that game developer will have to port their games in google Stadia mobile, and you will not be able to bring those games which are already like some other cloud gaming services (Nvidia’s GeForce Now or Shadow). Google is partnering with unrealistic and unity and even middleware companies like Hawkerak, but there are some lifts for developers to get the game at Google Stadia apk. Google needs to explain to big publishers to sign up, but it failed to expand the point of how much to spend on developing, publishing, and running the game.

Google Stadia Mobile

We do not even know the cost of service to consumers or when it will be launching – only that it will come in some form in 2019. Will it be subscription-based? Can you keep your game in the cloud? These are important questions that Google has to answer and leave them tomorrow to promise more details in the summer. It seems Google has defeated some self-imposed GCC deadline for the developer’s interest here, and it is likely that the company was able to show a handful of games just yesterday.

Google Stadia System requirements PC Mobile Specs for Gaming

Stadia offers a new approach and experience for gamer, new opportunities for developers, and a disruptive ability in terms of business model via a direct competition decided not to let it go. Finally, it brings new opportunities based on synergies with one or other of its companies. It is a form of Uberization of video games at all levels.

Google Stadia System requirements

Google Stadia GPU Requirement

  • 56 compute units
  • Power of 10.7 teraflops
  • HBM2 Memory

Google stadia System requirements

  • x86 processor
  • 2.7GHz
  • hyper-threaded
  • AVX2

Google stadia memory required

  • 16GB of RAM
  • 9.5MB of L2+L3 cache
  • SSD cloud storage
  • Upto 484 GB/s Tranfer speed
  • Google stadia vs PC vs Xbox
  • Google Stadia: 166ms

Google stadia vs PC vs Xbox

  • Google Stadia: 166ms
  • Google Project Stream: 179ms
  • PC @ 30fps: 112ms
  • PC @ 60fps: 79ms
  • Xbox One X: 145ms

Google stadia Mobile PC gaming at 4k

On one hand economics, Google also quietly kept the big questions surrounding existing game streaming services: Internet connectivity. Google is using its own compression technology to stream games to 1080p or 4K, and having a single machine on the game machine and server will reduce certain latency. However, you will need a reliable and active internet connection to reach google Stadia mobile, and Google is recommending “about 25 Mbps” connections for 1080p resolution at 60 fps.

Google stadia 4k gaming

Video games worldwide represent a turnover of more than 140 billion dollars. The recent entry of Google in this sector with its Stadia platform for games in the cloud shows that the number one advertising on the net wants to evolve a segment already very active to meet its desire for diversification and growth. Rumors that circulated often suggested the arrival of a game console like the Microsoft Xbox or the Sony PlayStation, 20 years and older. The arrival of the planet Google is not a surprise and seems to validate a significant development potential.

Google stadia Release Date for Mobile & PC

Google Stadia mobile android and pc release date is on the way in 2019 and game lovers are waiting for it eagerly. You will be allowed to enjoy a lot of game after its releasing without having stress over your mind and pocket.  oIn an interview with Kotaku, Google Stadia boss Phil Harrison says, “[W] will be able to get the E4K but will only increase that bandwidth by up to 30 Mbps.” This means that the average fixed broadband connection in the US is currently 96. According to some estimates, MBPS will be adequate, but if you are living in the state of broadband coverage or are reliant on rural internet speed, then waiting for the Federal Communications Commission to increase the minimum rural broadband speed standard to 25 Mbps There must have been. You will also need connection without broadband caps, because if you are playing a lot of games, then it will soon be in the data limit. We do not even know the exact bitrateets of the stadium yet, but watching the HD Netflix stream regularly uses around 3 GB per hour, and this is more than double for the 4K stream.

Google stadia Release Date

However, speed does not cover the latency aspect. This is important for any game streaming service. While services like Netflix can download and buffer the content you decide, a game service raises your controller movements and relays them back and forth in real time between the servers you and the game you are playing. This means that the server you are playing on is better and less close to the hops through Internet traffic, it is better. Due to its cloud infrastructure, Google has a solid advantage here, but if you are not near a large city where Google’s data centers are located, you will not get the most ideal experience.

Google Stadia Features for mobile and PC

Google is connecting its Google Stadia mobile Controller directly to that server, which you are playing on Wi-Fi, but it has no control over how thousands of ISPs and their data centers control traffic. Google Stadia mobile pc service is also completely cloud-based, which means there is no offline game. When you usually sync some Netflix shows in your phone or tablet because you know that your LTE connectivity is useless, you will need constant connection with Stadia to play games on the go. 5G definitely will help here, but only partially and never too soon.

Google has also stated that its servers will be powered by a custom AMD GPU which will provide the power of 10.7 teraflops, which is higher than the PS4 Pro 4.2 teraflops and has the power of 6 teraflops on Xbox One X. This graphical power is impressive but largely irrelevant. The end result of the actual gameplay will fully trust your internet connection. Google will compress the image from your server to your clients, which will result in image quality degraded. We do not know the exact bitrate that Google will use for Stadia mobile apk, but if you’ve ever seen the 4K version of the Netflix show, and then you will not know that the quality of the image is not as good as the Blu-ray copy. The same will apply to Google Stadia and how you see it depends on your internet connection and the device you use to reach Stadia. Small screen image quality will make the fall noticeable less, and more internet bandwidth will give you higher bitrate and thus high-quality image.

Google Stadia Features

All this will vary from game title to title, and Google has not seen enough variation of the game from which it can really be done to understand how good Stadia will perform. Was able to test Euro gamer Digital Foundry Stadia, but the test was limited rather than the demanding title, like the first person shooter, in which a quick title reaction time or fast-moving action game is required, like the first person shooter, where Artworks are more obvious

This makes Stadya like a beginner beta to be part of the future of gaming. Google has hired much industry talent for this ambitious project. Phil Harrison, a former executive of Sony and Microsoft, is leading Stadia in charge, and Jade Raymond, who has previously worked in Sony, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, is leading the company’s first-party games. Xbox live arcade creator Greg Canesa is also working on Google Stadia mobile, led Nate Ehr with former Xbox gaming partnership. All of this experience should help Google in its cloud gaming fight.

Google Stadia: xCloud plays an important role

First innovation of Google: finished the dedicated console that creates the rendering of the game on the spot. The console is virtualized in the cloud, based on a home processor offering 10 teraflops of graphics performance (Xbox offers 6 teraflops), developed with AMD during the Google Project Stream that has been talked about for several months.


Stadia games can be played on any device: a PC, an Android Smartphone, a game console, a TV with Chromecast, a tablet, etc. Google also showed a new controller that will be offered at a price probably low, able to work with any device. It will indeed be connected directly to the WiFi of the house and will be equipped with a microphone.

No need to buy a new console every 3 or 4 years to benefit from technological and graphic developments in the world of video games or online, no need to download new versions of games on its console, everything will be managed directly at the level of the Cloud. One of the main points of this new approach is connectivity for streaming games, but nothing was said or announced about the necessary connection speeds. Players demand extremely low latency and must be able to receive large amounts of data.

The war of games is now played in the xcloud Microsoft

Several approaches of this style have already emerged. Onlive, a Mountain View based company launched in 2003 a cloud game service streaming on different devices. The company had 4 or 5 colocation centers on the platform. It was bought in 2015 by Sony who would finally close the service. Recently, we are talking about Electronic Arts, which slipped some information about its Atlas project last fall.


Other services, relatively recent, are Nvidia GeForce Now (in beta today), Liquidsky (based on a Content Delivery Network owner) or Shadow of the French company Blade who has just moved to Mountain View in California. After a fundraising of € 50 million, the latter, very dynamic, has launched its service in several major US agglomerations of the East Coast and the West Coast for several months through an agreement with Charter Communications, the second cable operator in the US, Ubisoft Studios and other gaming studios. It relies on a recently announced box, the Shadow Ghost which ensures easy connection with a PC, a Mac, a Linux PC, a tablet, a TV, a smartphone or iPhone.

For its part, Sony is preparing an announcement this week, probably new games around its service PlayStation Now, several years old and refocused on the PS4 and Windows PCs, but it will strengthen its cloud to try to compete with Stadia and Microsoft. In response to Stadia, Phil Spencer, head of Gaming at Microsoft said: Google has done with Stadia, but in a few months, Microsoft will be very strong at E3. He was circulating a memo suggesting that Stadia validated the path on which Microsoft has committed for 2 years, placing it in a better position in a competition to attract nearly 2 billion players in the world, with content, community, the strategy, the cloud team and the ability to run … At E3 in 2018, Microsoft was showing XCloud , a service that will compete with Stadia and use Xbox controllers to play on a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. But Google fired first.

Already well established in video streaming with Amazon Prime, which also hosts its main competitor Netflix on AWS, Amazon will probably not stay out in this race. Several sources noted that Amazon had started recruiting specialized engineers and video game developers to work on games “never seen before”. He also developed in 2014 a game called Unmaking on a Hybrid Cloud, part of which was in the Cloud and the other part was running on a Fire tablet. Indeed, the precursor of the Cloud that developed AWS is in a very favorable position by the number of data centers it has in the world, hosting a large number of companies in all possible configurations.

Google is certainly well placed with twenty data centers in the most populated places on the planet. While nothing that is operational Stadia is still known, contestants today address the developers with tremolos in the voice, explaining that their platforms are those that will allow them to become rich and famous Still a bit hard to believe given the limited elements available on key points but we must not miss the next E3 from June 11 to 13 in Los Angeles.

Google Stadia mobile Bandwidth, latency and here is the 5G

The Apple Arcade subscription, which can be considered a Netflix of video games, contrasts with the future services xCloud (Microsoft) and Stadia. Presented by Google a week ago, the latter will allow playing AAA titles on low-performing machines through streaming. There can be many reasons why, unlike Google, Microsoft and Sony, Apple is not interested (yet?) Video game streaming. But according to our colleague PCMAG, this could be due to the fact that for the moment, the 5G on the iPhone is still uncertain because of the problems between Apple and Qualcomm. While the first Android 5G Smartphone are announced, we do not know when the iPhone will benefit. However, the 5G could quickly be a must-have for playing streaming on mobiles.

Google Stadia mobile

One of the major targets of these games in the Cloud will probably be the players on smartphone, the most used device in the world and the one that drains huge amounts of advertising. Indeed, while the two key criteria of games in the cloud are bandwidth and latency, the 5G is looming by the beginning of next year boasting its two strengths, bandwidth and latency.

But for those responsible for telecom operators, these games in the cloud represent a new problem and threats for their business models. Indeed, while the consoles received some data and processed them on the spot, the new approach to games in the Cloud, as Stadia shows, processes all the data in the data center and delivers it at any speed on any terminal. streaming on Youtube, like an HD video or a game.

This approach will create a huge surplus of traffic that may quickly saturate many networks of telecom operators, especially in many countries, the 5G will also be used in Fixed Wireless mode, to replace the fiber at home. It is therefore very possible that the operators invent new business models to make this latency and this additional need for bandwidth more expensive. Telephone operators are clearly fighting GAFAM, which they regularly accuse of taking advantage of the infrastructure they pay for. The neutrality of the Net may suffer.

Google Stadia Gets Video Game at Google I / O

This service will be launched this year and will be offered in North America and Europe. Google also introduced the features of a Stadia instance (the equivalent of a console in its data centers) and highlighted the different possibilities offered to developers. But for the moment, many questions about this future service are still unanswered. But the good news is that Google should give new information on this video game streaming service in May, during the Google I / O. As a reminder, this is the annual mass of Google with the developers and an opportunity for the firm to present its next novelties. Google is expected to take advantage of this multi-day event to showcase Android Q, Google Assistant, and other projects.

Google I / O

Stadia Gets Video Game at Google I / O Event in May

This week, we learn that Google will also talk about Stadia at the Google I / O. Indeed, as reported by the Android Authority website, Google has just published part of the program of this event (May 7 to 9). One of the May 7 sessions will be titled “Stadia Streaming Tech: A Deep Dive” (or an in-depth session on Stadia streaming technology).

Since the audience will be mostly developers, it is expected to be very technical. However, we should be able to discover some interesting new information about Stadia during this session.

Google Stadia price for live streaming games

Google stadia price with a subscription of $ 15 a month for a catalog of 500 games. Google Stadia still has some gray areas despite the conference presentation of the cloud gaming platform at the GDC 2019. Notably, the issues of the price and the game catalog have not been raised by the firm Mountain View. An analyst delivered his predictions, and put on a subscription of 15 dollars per month for 500 games available at launch.

Google Stadia price

Google Stadia represents what will be the video game of the future . And while all the industry’s eyes were on the Mountain View firm’s presentation conference at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019, some information was not revealed during the announcement. Including the price of the subscription, as well as the catalog of games available.

Stadia: Google will formalize the price and the games catalog in the summer of 2019

Lewis Ward, research director in charge of the video game division working for the analyst firm IDC, responded to this request by delivering his predictions to Gaming Bolt. According to him, we can expect to see a catalog of 500 titles arrive at launch, with the regular addition of new games (about fifty a month). The cloud gaming solution could cost around $ 15 a month. Google is not identified gaming, it must offer advantageous rates to pull out of the game against the competition, including Sony with PS Now and especially Microsoft with xCloud to be presented at E3 2019 . To arrive at these figures, he studied the market and the offers already available, and drew a probable economic model. But it’s not about information he was able to get. The goal is to give an idea to consumers at the moment, we will have more details on this in the summer of 2019 promised Google. In addition to the price, we can not wait to see which publishers it can join. It seems that a merger took place with Ubisoft in particular, the first public test of Stadia having taken place with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Google Stadia FAQ and General questions Pros Cons:

With Google Stadia, Google wants to bring the video game into the era of “cloud gaming” . The “game in the cloud” is the new eldorado of the industry. Many players have already invested in the niche without really reaching a global audience. With its financial strength and the power of its “cloud” computing, Google has strong assets to democratize this technology.

Google Stadia FAQ
  • What is “cloud gaming”?

“Cloud gaming” is the new technology in vogue in the video game. Like Netflix videos and Spotify songs, games are not stored in CDs but hosted on remote servers and accessible to any screen connected to the Internet. 
Cloud gaming also saves load times because the computing power is deported to the cloud. Only the sound and the image reach the screens of the players. On the other hand, cloud gaming requires a very high speed Internet connection to offer a satisfactory gaming experience without slowing down or latency.

  • What does Google Stadia offer?

Playable games instantly on any screen connected to the Internet without having to invest in a physical console. Google Stadia is a little gamer dream. According to the presentation made Tuesday, Stadia can play titles with excellent graphics performance simply by clicking on a link from a PC, tablet, Smartphone or TV.

“The game starts on the screen in less than five seconds,” promises Google, which also highlights the continuity of the experience. It is thus possible to watch a game on YouTube, click on a “Play” button, launch the game on a Smartphone screen, and switch to a tablet connected to a compatible controller and then switches to its TV via the HDMI key Google Chromecast. Google also relies on compatibility between its different services. In full, it will be possible to seek Google Assistant via the Stadia controller unveiled yesterday to seek help without having to put the party on hold. In the same way, video graphers can easily invite spectators to participate in parties with them. It will also be possible to share backups and game sequences to offer contacts to replay certain highlights.

  • Games on google Stadia?

Google Stadia still has a lot to prove. The main unknown is the depth of his catalog. On Tuesday, Google just announced a few partner studios (Ubisoft, Id Software, Q-Games, Tequila Works) and demonstrate some titles on the platform, such as  Assassin’s Creed  and  Doom Eternal .  Google’s ability to offer exclusives will be a critical factor in the success of the project. Tuesday’s conference is expected to federate the developers around the project. 

Google Stadia wants to bring together the entire video game community (gamer, game developers and you tubers videographers) within the same ecosystem. The launch of the platform is naturally accompanied by that of a creative studio directed by Jade Raymond , a figure of industry debauched at Ubisoft studio where she has produced the bestseller  Assassin ‘s Creed .

  • Google Stadia Requirements?

The platform is based on Google’s cloud computing infrastructure around the world. She should be able to run games with 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Google has ensured that in the future, Stadia’s streaming will reach 8K and 120 frames per second. But the company did not specify what was the minimum configuration required for a satisfactory experience. When testing the platform this fall, Google said it needed to have a bandwidth of at least 25 megabits per second to enjoy. According to Phil Harrison, one of the project directors interviewed after the conference will require  a bandwidth of at least 30 megabits per second. Some industry professionals have already worried about the risk of cloud gaming creating  territorial inequality between players  with the best Internet devices and those living in white areas without broadband connections.

  • How much Google Stadia cost?

The price of Stadia is the other major unknown. Google has not indicated whether it wants to monetize the service by charging a subscription or advertising. It will probably be offered with a monthly fee whose amount is currently unknown . The cost of the service will be unveiled this summer, promised Google. For comparison, Sony PlayStation Now, which allows you to play more than 600 titles of PS2, PS3 and PS4 streaming, is offered at 15 euros per month or 99 euros per year. According to Emmanuel Freund, co-founder and President of the French startup Blade , which already offers Shadow, a video game streaming service, “it’s hard to appreciate Stadia’s interest in future users without price., no catalog and no availability date. The conference tonight was more like a seduction operation of developers than launching a product, “he said in a statement.

  • What is google Stadia?

Concretely, Stadia is a video game platform that will allow anyone to play on any type of screen, anywhere via Google Chrome. No game to download, everything happens in the cloud thanks to cloud-gaming.

  • Google stadia gaming platform?

If you know the PlayStation Now service, the Google platform is not far from it. We remain on the idea of ​​Cloud Gaming, except that we can access it from a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Will google Stadia offer a console anyway?

No, Stadia will not be a gaming console but a gaming platform only. No specific machine to own so to use it. On the other hand, we know that a controller dedicated to the service will be put on sale.

  • What will it take to take advantage of Google stadia gaming service?

A screen to access Google Chrome, whatever it is, and what to control the game.

  • Google Stadia Price?

Currently, the price of google Stadia is $15 per month for 500 games. Especially since we do not know yet whether to buy its games or if it will be a subscription to pay to enjoy a large catalog of titles.

  • Waiting time to start a game on Google Stadia?

Google announced that only 5 seconds would be needed to launch a game via its platform.

  • At what resolution and framerate will turn the games on Stadia?

From its launch, Google’s gaming platform will allow you to play in 4K and 60 FPS. It will be the same for the diffusion on YouTube: the streaming will be allowed in 4K and 60 images per second also.

  • Will the 8K be supported by Stadia in the future?

Yes ! Phil Harisson said that at launch, Stadia will be content to run games in 4K and 60 FPS, but in the future more or less distant, the goal will be to offer players an experience in 8K and 120 FPS, or almost unheard of for now.

  • What will be the release date of Stadia?

Stadia will be available later in the year in different parts of the globe, starting with North America and Europe, without further details as to whether all the countries of the continent will be concerned.

  • What internet speed will it take to play with Stadia?

For now, Google has announced that it should at least a speed of 30 mbps to enjoy the games available via Stadia in 4K and 60 FPS. We imagine that it will take between 15 and 20 mbps to play in 1080p still in 60 frames per second, but these are only estimates. It will be necessary to wait for the service to be deployed, or at least tested under real conditions, in order to specify these data.

  • What are compatible computers?

All computers will be compatible with Stadia as it is only necessary to be connected to the internet in order to use the game platform.

  • Which smartphones and tablets are compatible?

If no exhaustive list has been given for the moment, we imagine that it will still have a fairly recent smartphone to run the service on a smartphone at launch. Remember that everything happens via internet connection (or mobile), so it will require a device capable of ensuring fairly high speeds. For the moment in terms of mobile network, we still talk about the use of 5G, which means that the fleet of smartphones currently deployed on the market should not be able to be used with Stadia.

  • What will Stadia change for players?

Many things, provided you have the proper connection. Indeed, we will no longer be limited by the use of an aging console, or a hardware outdated PC to play the latest productions in vogue. Imagine launching The Division 2 or Anthem in 4K 60 FPS without having to suffer from an update to download, a console spitting its lungs to try to turn the game correctly or even having to get up for the first time. turn on / change disc. This is the promise of Stadia, launch any game, from (almost) any device with a screen and access to Google Chrome.

  • What will Stadia change for developers?

It’s hard to really answer this question by being clear and concise, since at the moment Stadia’s prowess should drastically open the field of possibilities. We can however tell you that the tools available to developers will allow accessibility as we have never seen before, which would allow them to offer players titles even more easily while leaving them free from technical constraints who would restrain them.

  • Will it be possible to play several?

The good news is that yes, Stadia will allow multiplayer. And icing on the cake, the cross-platform will also be there. We do not know yet if the local multiplayer will be possible, but we can easily imagine that the American giant will offer the feature via its platform.

  • With Stadia, does Google already compete with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo?

Currently, Google does not offer anything concretely. The sacred trio of the video game is not directly competitive. Moreover, the latter, although each offering its catalog of online games (although in the case of Nintendo it is only NES games), are still very busy to be present in the console market. It will take a little longer to know if the above-named manufacturers can be threatened by Google.

  • What about Google Project Stream?

Google Project Stream was none other than the code name of Stadia, a kind of prelude to Google’s platform.

  • The Stadia controller is therefore required to play?

If the controller will offer some features of its own, it will obviously be possible to take advantage of Google’s gaming platform using its keyboard and mouse.

  • How much will the Stadia controller cost?

Once again, Google has not provided any information on this subject, but we can expect that it will be sold between 50 and 70 €, the average current price for an official controller on the side of at Sony, Xbox and Nintendo.

  • Regarding the controller, what will it propose special?

In the form, Google’s controller is not very particular: 4 buttons A, BX and Y on the left, a right directional cross, two symmetrical joysticks. Other buttons will be used to pause the game, return to the menu, start the service, share the game or use the voice assistant Google. Unlike PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, it will directly integrate a microphone.

  • How does the controller connect to play games on the Stadia platform?

Indeed, if the platform can be used from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer (whether fixed or desktop), remains the thorny question of pairing. No need for a wire to use the controller so, since it will connect via Wi-Fi to the machine that will turn the game.

  • How will the controller and service benefit from Google Assistant?

The microphone coupled to the Google Assistant button can for example allow the blocked players to ask for help and to be offered some advice to manage to pass a boss a little recalcitrant or a complicated passage. For that, it will still be necessary that the game in question is compatible. Using the service from the controller will allow the wizard to use the current context of the game in order to help the player at best.

  • What will be the streaming of our parts?

Via the appropriate button, it will be possible to broadcast almost instantly its parts on YouuTbe. Obviously, platforms like Twitch will not be usable with Stadia.

  • And interactivity with YouTube in all this?

Google has announced that in some cases it will be possible to launch a game directly from a trailer viewed on YouTube. All will not allow this option that said.

  • What games will be available on Stadia?

Google is already working in partnership with several publishers including id Software, which announced that Doom Eternal will be available on the platform, in addition to Ubisoft that will offer Assassin’s Creed Odyssey upon release of Stadia. For the moment, no other game has officially been announced, but we imagine that other names will be quickly unveiled, especially since the platform of Google has something to attract developers of all comers.

  • Will there be Stadia exclusives?

Yes, Google has just hired Jade Raymond to run the company’s first first-party studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment. Note that the girls team will also work with other developers around the world to make the video game to a “different level” to quote his words. Currently, more than 100 development kits have been sent around the world. This gives a good idea of ​​the number of games that are potentially in development at the moment.

How will this happen for game updates? One of the advantages of Stadia is that the updates will only be old history. Indeed, no more evenings spent downloading patches as heavy as the basic game, you can directly take action.

How To Use Google Stadia mobile & PC Gaming

Sony already streams PlayStation games on its console and PC through its PlayStation Now service. Sony changed the game streaming service Gaikai to PlayStation Now, and it acquired competitor On Live just to shut it down. Microsoft is also planning its own xCloud game streaming service, which it has recently demonstrated, with public trials starting at the end of this year.

google stadia release date

Sony and Microsoft’s perspectives are not cloud-like like Google, and they do not need developers to port their games or rebuild their cloud streaming service. Both companies are using console hardware in the server blade. It is a benefit to both Sony and Microsoft that large game libraries can be offered without the need for developers to change anything. Google’s ambitious endeavor will need to be heavier than developers, but Google has a long-term advantage of being able to easily switch its hardware in the future and be able to apply those changes that do not affect the heritage console hardware.

Amazon also sees that it will be Google’s biggest cloud-gaming competitor, and Nvidia also streams the game. Even the valve is expanding its steam link game-streaming feature so that you can stream your steam game from anywhere with a PC via steam link hardware or steam link app. In any cloud gaming war, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google will be the main players. Sony has gaming and PlayStation Now, Microsoft can take advantage of Xbox One Pass for its Azure Data Center and Xbox, and Amazon can lean on its popular Twitch service to woo its cloud dominance, prime, and gamers. Google has some fierce competition, but it seems that this cloud gaming war is just beginning.

Conclusion :

Google Stadia mobile is the future of mobile computing. There is no more obsessions with the latest chip on the latest Apple Bionic processor or snapdragon. It is about providing services to all the people who understand them and they can choose to move the scale of processing power up and down. Google Stadia mobile is the right power for the consumer in the core.